Journaling, Energy & Success

Over the past couple of years, many successful people have spoken much more about the power of journaling within a morning routine. Tony Robbin's "Power Hour" is a perfect example of the emphasis of a ritual that leaves you feeling empowered and ready to take on the day. Not only do I believe a morning routine to be incredibly powerful and effective towards building my own personal success, but even more so for moving energy within the healing process. I personally have a COUNTLESS amount of journals filled front to back that store all of my history. I have been utilizing journaling for years to channel my anger, pain, sadness and happiness. It's been a staple to my manifestations and also working through my personal trauma healing experiences. The universe loves to work with you as you find clarity around your desires, and put them into semi-physical form through pen and paper. If there is anything i've learned, its that no matter how you begin moving energy, you are going to be make new things happen within your life. Why not start doing so, by gaining clarity and telling the universe exactly what you want or choose to clear space for new experiences. I have some amazing & free offerings for you, so keep reading.

Next level self

When I begin working with new clients, I make sure to start off every program with getting clear on what and who they are wanting to become. I created a journal prompt for gaining clarity called Next Level Self Journal Prompt(its free for you to download). It sets the stage for consistency and belief in a higher power that you get to trust in, while moving through your healing process. Not only does creating clarity benefit you through empowering yourself to make big moves, but it allows you to feel into your desires and watch them quickly come to life. Journaling clears energy that you are unnecessarily hanging on to, creating space for all the goodness that is just waiting to come into your life.

Feeling Your Way Into Abundance

After you are able to gain clarity around who you want to become in fine detail, you get the see just how divinely the universe is at giving you want to desire. If you find yourself struggling to make the aspects you desire come to life, that means you are missing a major component. This factor is not just thinking, but FEELING your desire. This is EVERYTHING. This journal prompt for Feeling into your desire(another freebee!) will help you dramatically speed up your manifestation process. Not only that, but its a great way to start your day. This will allow you to get in alignment with your

highest and truest potential!

Taking Radical Ownership

What does it mean to take radical ownership? How much of your life do you find yourself pushing off on excuses and avoiding because it makes you feel uncomfortable? I know personally, I spent a long time living as the victim, so i created a journal prompt that emphasizes on getting you out of the victim mentality and taking back your power in life. I always have my clients do this around a situation that they are not willing to own. It's a powerful and effective tool to get energy moving and to get yourself out of a rut! Taking Radical Ownership Journal Prompt(Freeee)

Living Trigger Free

Imagine having a tool to get you through those head spinning moments! I use to struggle so much when memories or triggers would come to the surface. This journal prompt is designed for those who need that turn-to, when they cant seem to get their nervous system to calm down or their thoughts from spinning. Living trigger free doesn't imply that you never have a trigger again. It implies that you have a tool that you use to manage your triggers. It's important to be aware & be willing to address your triggers when they are happening. This Living Trigger Free Journal Prompt will help!(Download it!)


Im so excited to announce my soon to launch podcast!

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I cant wait to create conversation around uncomfortable topics and educating you on the mind, body spirit.

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