The Subconscious Mind & Your Relationships

Your subconscious mind truly is the master of your reality. When we talk about the subconscious mind, I like to think of it in two layers; Conscious patterning and Unconscious patterning. Have you ever had an experience while driving your car where you suddenly realized that you hadn't been "paying attention" for awhile, yet you some how kept the car on the road safely? So who was driving the car? Your subconscious mind was, or in other words you're unconscious patterning. Just because for those moments you were not paying attention consciously, does not mean you suddenly forgot how to drive. You have programming within your mind on how to drive the car that allowed you to stay between the lines, maintain speed and pay attention to any hazards without even trying. It truly operates to protect you. So, let's explain how this unconscious patterning also 'drives the car' within your relationships, and also how to change navigations.

To start, something I know we have all experienced is patterns within our partners. It's easy to say we have a 'type', but we usually are not in search of a partner that creates havoc in our lives or to feel shaken up once we reach certain milestones within our relationships. So why does this happen? Let's ask the driver, the subconscious mind. The one that is actually trying to protect us.

The dynamic of our relationships, truly begin with the one we had with our parents, starting at a young age. It was what we were exposed to, how we interpreted love and what we perceive to be happiness while with someone. Take note, that no matter what you were actually exposed to, you have the ability to take back your power and rewrite the dynamic in which you desire. When it comes to creating these shifts that allow you to begin attracting or enhancing your ability to receive and give love, you first and foremost need to be able to quiet your mind to some degree. Tools like meditation, yoga and breath-work are great ways to begin. The reason we want to do this, is because in-order to begin witnessing the belief systems that you have, you have to be able to quiet the chaos that surrounds them. Once you are able to become a witness to these beliefs, you are then able to create change. Some examples are, "In order to be loved, I need to be perfect." or "If I give love, that means I wont get love". When we begin to see the systems that run us from the background, and why, we are then able to make conscious changes towards our true desires.

How do we create the change? First off, just recognizing these thoughts, create change. Then we begin doing subconscious work through modalities like Yoga Nidra, Hypnotherapy + consistent Journal work. These practices help the mind and body to shift on a cellular level. Your body is programmed to respond to the subconscious (unconscious patterning) you've had your whole life- so its extra important to do practices that get them both on the same page.

If you're truly looking to enhance your own relationship, relationship with self or to attract a new type of partner, this work is essential. Take back your power, rewrite your life and believe that whatever it is that always shows up, is simply trying to be your teacher.

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